Our Story

Our story starts in August of 2002 when I met my husband [Jake]. We were friends for awhile, dated different people. Whatever. We got closer that next year and on April 7, 2003 we started dating. We were on again, off again a few times before deciding to get married. On April 14, 2006 we were married at the courthouse in Towson, MD. I honestly can't say I would have done it differently. It was simple. Our families were there. And it was cheap! Haha. In June of 2006 I moved down to Eastern North Carolina to be with him. We lived on base for awhile, until buying a house in 2008. On February 15 2009 I found out we were expecting our first baby who was very much wanted! On October 27, 2009 Jacob Jr came into our lives. He's the best little man I could ever ask for. I love spending my days with him and I look forward to our future.