Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just a vent!

Today Jacob had his 15 month appointment.  I don't always keep up with those appointments because I mostly find them pointless. I go sometimes just to see how much he weighs and if I have any concerns. My boy is 32 and a half inches and 24lbs. Any who, my vent is about the pediatrician we saw. She was older, so I wasn't expecting her to act the way she did. First, she wanted us to lay him down so she could listen to his heart, lungs, look in his ears. Stuff like that. All I said was "He's not going to like this" and her response? "I don't care, doesn't bother me". After that I figured she was just a mean person honestly. So we mention how picky he has been with eating. He used to eat great, then all the sudden it was like boom. He will eat chicken, meatballs, pizza, peanut butter and jelly, and all breakfast foods. It's been hard trying to get him to eat better. I offer everything I make to him. But I am not going to let him starve either you know? Anyway. She told me that I need to start cutting back on nursing sessions.  She said 5-6 was too many and I should only be nursing him twice a day. Morning and night. I'm also not suppose to comfort nurse him throughout the day.

Uhhhh.. what? I was so shocked I didn't even have a clever response! She told me he's not eating because he nurses so much. No. He's not eating because he is being picky. Our nursing sessions have nothing to do with it! He gets juice probably 3 times a day in a sippy cup, and he doesn't drink cow's milk. So those nursing sessions are not only comfort, but something to drink! She mentioned we need to push the cows milk on him. I just said "Human milk for human babies". I've always liked that saying, figured I could use it. But wow. I was really shocked. I have never had any issues with doctors trying to get me to wean Jacob. His normal ped is happy that we're still breastfeeding and he supports going for as long as we want to. I don't know what this lady was thinking! I'm pretty mad about it.

On a positive note, we will continue to breastfeed for as long as we feel comfortable doing so. I have my days where I think about weaning him. But I know that he enjoys nursing and that it's such a comfort to him. I am not going to take that away from him.


  1. I honestly don't get that thinking! My reasoning is even if they are being picky the bf'ing evens it out so I don't have to worry if he's getting enough to eat. I've never had one push me to wean either. I've had the same doctor the last few times and when I said I was going to let him self wean he was just like "Good for you!" and left it at that lol.

  2. Um, what the heck? I think you should nurse him as much as YOU want. It's not hurting him, he's still getting really amazing nutrients, which might make up for some of the eating he isn't doing, know what I mean? Braden has gone through phases where he doesn't want to eat much, especially lately.

  3. Whoa. I'd have been SO fuming.

    It's a wonderful thing you're nursing. Because if you weren't and he was being picky you'd have to give him SOMETHING - typically formula. He needs to have all those nutrients and breastmilk is definitely the way to get it.

    Quinn has recently started being a bit picky, too. I think a lot of it is that they are starting a bit of their own independence, you know? He wants to eat what he wants no matter what you wanna feed him. ;)


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