Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catching Up. Days 5-8

Day 5 – your favorite television program

That's easy! Big Love! I have this weird interest in polygamy. I don't really understand why but I find it really interesting. It's just really neat to me that woman can overcome the jealousy and live as one family unit. Sometimes sharing one house! I would agree that there are bad sides of polygamy but can't that be said with everything?

Day 6 – your favorite book

My favorite book so far is Lovely Bones. It's a sad story, but a good read. I also really enjoy anything by Jodi Picoult. Anyone have any book suggestions?

Day 7 – a picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of me and my mom. But she is by far one of my best friends. She always has had this "open door" policy. Even when I was younger I could go to her about everything. I talk to her just about everyday and miss her more then I can say. I just count down the time until we're back in MD and I can go to lunch with her on a weekly basis. Is it 2012 yet?

Day 8 – your favorite quote

"Anything worth having is worth fighting for". I agree with this whole heartedly. I really believe that when you have to fight and give it your all, you appreciate it that much more.

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  1. Big Love is my favorite show too! It's so intriguing. I might actually do a blog post about it because I seriously find so many upsides to having a polygamous marriage even though I'd never actually want one.

    - J


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