Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cloth Diapers.

So as I have said before, I really wanted to get into cloth. The reality is, I am not one of those people who are anti-disposables. I am just tired of buying the things! I was sitting here thinking, if we plan to have another baby anytime in the next few years [which we do. Maybe 2012-2013ish?] why not invest in it now. Get a good stash going. Take good care of it. And use it for the next baby. That right that would save us tons. Especially in those early days when you're nursing baby poops every 2 seconds! So the other day I ordered a Tots Bots Easy Fit diaper. To be honest when I got it I was a little puzzled. But I figured it out [as you can tell I am VERY new to CD. I need someone to school me!]. So I prepped it like it said with some Rockin Green samples I had and I used it today. I really liked it. He didn't have it on long because we were going grocery shopping and so I changed him. But he was pretty cute in it I feel. I think I definitely want some more of the Tots Bots. I've also entered to win a whole bunch of other diapers. I am just hoping I at least get one! 

I'm getting more and more into the Christmas spirit. I think I have most of our family figured out. I'm not sure what to get my MIL though. My mom is covered, our nieces and nephew, and my SIL. As far as the hubbs I am pretty sure I know what I am getting him. I can't say because he might read this and I don't want to spoil it! I also have a few ideas for stocking stuffers too. I'm not sure what he's getting me. He mentioned an IPad a few days ago but I told him absolutely not! I mean those things are cool and I would love to have one but I feel like we could spend that money in so many other places. We shall see! What are the top things on your Christmas list?

I also forgot to mention we took Jacob to see Santa about two weeks ago. It didn't go over so well! Here is last years picture, and this years!

He wouldn't let me go!


  1. the top thing on my christmas list is a sewing machine. I want to learn how ot use one so badly, even if it's a not-so-hotty-totty one. I'd like to learn so bad though. My mom knows how, as does my nuderma so they told me they would help me learn :)
    Last year I got two pairs of Diamond earrings (hoop and drop) and a diamon tennis bracelet from Zales. This year, everything we bought out children was 50%+ on sale! Little Girls Barbie Jeep came from amazon for $154 (Cyber Monday sale( made it $189+free shipping+ $35 Kraft Communispace credit) STEAL:) They are still 228 at Wal-Mart on Roll Back and regular $270

  2. i have been debating with my husband on cloth/disposible for a while now...it's a never ending debate


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