Sunday, November 21, 2010

first haircut & more.

Recently we decided that it was time for Jacob to get his hair cut. This saddened me but I was also excited. It just meant that our baby is slowly becoming a big boy! There is a place right up the road from us that specializes in kids haircuts. This is the before picture;

He wasn't too thrilled with the whole process and I felt pretty bad for him, but he needed a hair cut as you can tell. In the end he did really good. He got a little certificate and we have a little bag with some of his hair for his baby book. 

Hating it. Lol.

Showing off his belly.
In other news, Christmas is right around the cornor! I can't belive it. Last Christmas Jacob was about 7 weeks old. So this christmas we're hoping to get up with him and have him rip into some presents. One of his bigger presents is going to be the Little Tike's Cozy Coupe. I remember having one as a kid, and I love that you can put a little floor board in until he is able to use it by himself. I think we're gonna get him some movies to go in the car too because Uncle Shawn and Aunt Kristie got him a DVD player that goes in the car for his birthday. I'm not sure what else. We'll figure it out!

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