Friday, November 26, 2010


How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was pretty nice and low key. As usual. The husband invited one of his Marine's over. She couldn't go home to Texas and I hate the idea of someone having to just sit in the barracks all alone. We had/have a lot of food still! I made a Turkey [obv], green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing with apples and cranberries, gravy, corn, and biscuits. Then I made an apple pie and pumpkin pie for dessert. Although I am pretty sure I forgot to add sugar to my pumpkin pie so it wasn't so good.

I did a lot of prepping on Wednesday night and while it helped a lot, the rest of the night was a disaster! Jacob was SO crabby from his shots the day before. He had a pretty high fever and just overall was uncomfortable I am guessing.  Then later on in the day I was in the kitchen cutting up apples. Jacob decided to pull out all the pots and pans in the drawer underneath the stove. Pretty typical. Well, I forgot that the oven was on, and he reached underneath and burned his pinky finger. I've never felt so terrible in my life. His poor finger has 4 blister, and then the finger next to it has a blister and a little red burn area. I called the nurse hot line at the naval hospital and they said to just put ice on it, but I heard that was a big NO NO. So I didnt. I did run it under cool water and we're trying to put neosporin on it at night before sleep. It doesn't seem to be bothering him at all. I'm just scared he's going to pop on of the blisters. I'm so sad for him, and I still cry about it.  Before that though, I turned around and tripped over our dog, Uga. He's always right under my feet! This time I have a butcher knife is my hand and I banged up my knee pretty bad too. All in all the whole night was a disaster. I was very happy to just kick back and watch Beauty and the Beast the rest of the night. Oy!

My laptop has a virus and I am not happy about it. The Geek Squad is worthless BTW! We bought the protection plan, and yet everytime we have an issue with it they tell us we need to call Dell instead. Whats the point if they can never fix anything!

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  1. Aww, poor little Jacob. :( That's no fun.

    I LOVE all the leftovers after Thanksgiving - it makes planning lunch so much easier.


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