Monday, December 6, 2010

Catching up! Days 9-14

Day 9 – your dream house (description or photo!)

My dream house is pretty cliche. But here goes. I want a 2 store home with black shutters and white siding. A wrap around porch. A huge deck on the back. A swimming pool in the back yard. 4-5 bedrooms. A HUGE master room. A kitchen with 2 ovens. And of course, a white picket fence ;]

Day 10 – a photo that makes you happy

October 27, 2009! The best day of my life. We struggled a bit to have Jacob. I don't share my story with many, but I have found that talking about it helps heal. So here goes. In September of 06 I got pregnant for the first time. It was very much planned and I couldn't have been more excited. The hubbs deployed a week later. And then that October I had a miscarriage. We decided to hold off on trying again. So in December of 08 I got pregnant again, and we had another miscarriage. We were told to wait a cycle and try again. And we did! On February 15th I found out I was pregnant with Jacob. I was a nervous wreck my whole pregnancy. I felt like something just had to go wrong. But nope! I am a very lucky mama to a 1 year old. He makes everything better in the world and I just can't believe I get to be his mom. Very lucky!

Day 11 – a photo that makes you angry/sad

I think all the things I can find pictures of are a little too graphic for what I would like to put on here. But let's just say I am very anti-westboro baptist church!

Day 12 – something you are OCD about

Washing my hands! I'm always scared I am going to have some kind of germ on my hand and give it to Jacob lol.

Day 13 – a description of what's currently in your handbag/purse/diaper bag!

My purse has my wallet, keys, hair ties, and my coupon holder. The diaper bag has snacks, extra set of clothes, diapers, wipes, small toys, and disposable place mats!

Day 14 – a photo of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day

Let's face it. She kissed Taylor Lautner and that in itself makes me jealous!

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