Sunday, December 19, 2010

I need motivation.

I have seriously been lacking in the motivation department with everything! Laundry. Cleaning. Blogging. Even getting dressed everyday. I think it's a mixture of the stress from Christmas, how cold it's been, and how crabby my little ray of sunshine has been lately. Hopefully this will pass soon.

The hubs started his new schedule this week. I kinda enjoy having my time at night. I'm not going to lie. It's just kinda hectic right now. He said soon he should be one day on, two days off. Rinse and repeat. That schedule will be pretty nice. I think I might surprise him and set up daycare for Jacob one day when he's off. Then we can go see a movie or something. We're much overdue for a mommy daddy date. We haven't been anywhere without Jacob since he's been born. I'm very attached to Jacob, and I hate leaving him. But I know I need to give myself a little bit of a break periodically.

I'm kind of excited. I just ordered a bum genius 4.0. I have noticed that I really like pocket diapers, and the tots bots diapers. I'd love to try so many other different diapers though. 'll just slowly have to build up a stash. So far I have one happy heinys, 2 flip covers, 6 flip inserts, one tots bots, and then the bum genius 4.0 which is on it's way. I'd love to try out some of the grovia diapers. And some fuzzibuns. And applecheeks too lol. Eventually I will get there. I also still need a diaper sprayer and to figure out a cloth wipe solution. I hear good things about this chubby cherubs stuff. I might give it a shot. Thoughts on that?  I found a you-tube video on how to fold your wipes so they come out like the diposables do. It's looks simple enough.

What do you guys have in your stash? Bonus if you post pictures!


  1. <3 our Diaper Sprayer. I can't imagine diaper life without it now that I have one lol. My lazy solution for my wipes is big squirt of babywash, big squirt of baby oil, and a couple drops of tea tree oil. Works like a charm and Jonas's bum is super sensitive to wipes. His butt looks better now than it ever did with disposable wipes.

  2. I want one so bad. I really need to just buckle down and buy one. I just hate that they are so expensive! Jake said he didn't know if he could install it, but it looks pretty simple to me.

  3. I tried doing the fold-em-like-disposables thing. But the wipes were too thick to correctly pop up out of the box.

    We use California Baby Diaper Spray on dry wipes. If it's tough stuff, just wipes and water.

    We should hang out next week!! :D

  4. We actually cloth diaper without a sprayer and it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. We use BGEs, which I LOVE.

    I'm following on GFC now!
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