Saturday, February 12, 2011


Jacob loves to be read to, and recently he's been opening up a book and "reading". It's the cutest thing to hear him going on and on about who knows what! I'm glad he loves books, as it was pretty important to us to start reading to him from day one. We've done pretty good, of course some nights things just happen and we don't.  I love Target's dollar section for these Richard Scarry books. I remember them from when I  was little! Also, if you go to Wendy's or Chic Fil A and ask for the under 3 toy, you get a book! I want to say Sonic does it too but I am not 100% sure. What kind of books do you buy for you kiddos? I also love Dr. Suess books but haven't bought any for Jacob yet. I want to invest in getting them all for him, but that will wait until after he stops chewing on everything!

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  1. I've bought several kinds. My favorite ones are the ones I grew up with "Golden London" books? Or "A little Golden Book" haha. She is into her "toy story" so anything with it - she wants! But you're little one is a cutie!

    Have a nice weekend.


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